Earth is facing several environmental concerns and dangers the existence of humans in the long run.

  • Kalpamrit Foundation Trust focuses on environmental problems like global warming, acid rain, air pollution, urban sprawl, waste disposal, ozone layer depletion, water pollution, climate change that affect every human-animal and Nation on this planet.

  • Over the last few decades, the exploitation of our planet and degradation of our environment has gone up at an alarming rate. As our actions have not been in favor of protecting this planet we have seen natural disasters striking more of an in form of flash floods, earthquakes, blizzards tsunamis, and cyclones.

  • Sooner or later we will have to recognise that earth has rights to coma to live without pollution. what mankind must know is that human beings cannot live without mother earth, but the planet can live without humans.

Air pollution-The respiratory hazard

Vehicles and industrial emissions and improper use of waste disposal have cost to fill the air with toxic fumes substantial metals, nitrates, and plastics which are poisonous in charge of pollution.

Acid rain

The growing need for electricity which is fed by thermal power stations has caused the oxides of sulfur and nitrogen to be responsible for acid rain which is killing the soil and trees in a drastic manner.

Global warming

Though there are several programs undertaken all over the country to curb the greenhouse gases yet not satisfactory results have been obtained.

  • And thus there is a need for organisations like kalpamrit to come up and take responsibility for planting trees to increase the green cover and return what Earth once had.

  • Therefore we are here to spread awareness about renewable energy resources so as to achieve are sustainable model of development.

  • Woodlands provide us oxygen which in turn manages temperature and precipitation. Deforestation and logging age of was problem that will continued to get was because people are looking for homes food and materials. This has caused species to you constantly drift towards endangered set in the IUCN list.

  • This has also increased the carbon footprint which is internal causing several health hazards in humans that it has increase the need of medical demands which is not good for natural existence of human.

  • Improper handling of technology development has also caused indeterminate damage to the environment such as ozone layer depletion which has been caused by chlorofluorocarbons developed in the 1970’s this has caused the ultimate damage to earth.

In the race of development among Nations we are constantly exploiting our natural resources to such an extent that we are causing it to be depleted forever. Therefore We promote and raise awareness about the three R’s that is Reduce Reuse and Recycle.

Water pollution

While water contamination is brought about by oil Slicks, acid rain and urban sprawl.

  • Toxins like melamine enters our Food Chain and contaminate any form of life for decades and causes serious ailments in humans. One of the live examples is the increasing cancer cases in India which is mainly due to the imbalance caused to the environment in any form. It is also estimated that cancer cases will double every 10 years which is a serious concern if we want to tackle such new Amazon problems we will have to change our lifestyle and ultimately check the improper and unhealthy habits that we have developed.

Technology – The killer

Do technological developments are done to is our life but it has more serious impacts and harms us more than it benefits therefore it is very important to use it under correct dimensions without disturbing the balance of the five elements in nature.

Genetic modification

Genetic engineering of food brings about expanded poisons and sickness as qualities from hypersensitive plant can exchange to the target.

Some of these crops can even be a threat to the world around us animal start to industry and natural Chemicals and therefore intern disturb the food chain.

Marine life

Use of pesticides and fertilizers for study growth of food grains has sought criticism on the ground of biomagnification which is a serious setback to Marine life as well as life on earth which is dependent on Marine environment. Use of DDT has caused several ailments in in different organisms as well as humans.

We will always raise such concerns and try to curb down as much as we can so that we can spread happiness in the form of mental and spiritual health of our countrymen and ultimately focus on public health.

Overpopulation is also one of the emerging problems which is increasing the burden on soil and other natural resources.

Loss of biodiversity

If not now then never we will always strive to work for the rights of teacher and every living being on earth so that it not even a section is exploited in the growing race of economic development. By contributing to such noble cause ,you can also register your presence in saving some lives that matters to the universal soul.


Mining is also serious hazard to tackle where it is happening it not only e disturbs the health of personals involved in such field but also causes serious damage in the long run.

one of the live examples is Jharia, which has been dubbed the burning City.